JAXX  (1) tutorial claim my hex free.JPG

- Choose I already have a seed








- Go to your JAXX wallet (on the image is the Chrome extension) 

- Go to View Backup Phrase

- Turn OFF your internet connection

- Copy your SEED PHRASE

- Paste your Seed Phrase on the Electrum Wallet. Every word should be separated by a space.

- Then Click on Options

- Choose BIP39 seed.  OK

- Вы МОЖЕТЕ ЗАЯВИТЬ HEX, когда ваш адрес BTC начинается с:

1 ... (LEGACY), bc1 ... (NATIVE SEGWIT), 3 ... (SEGWIT).

Если ваш адрес MULTISIG, вы не можете требовать

- Turn ON your internet connection

- Once the Electrum Wallet is running go to receive and check the Bitcoin Address is the same as in your Jaxx Wallet





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